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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 14, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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. we are following breaking news for you on treasure island and we will tell you when they think the lights will come back on. shot and killed over a dice game, we will have a live report. the manhunt for christopher dorner is officially over, why they are defending their actions. and rick perry's trip came up short, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. . good morning, thank you for waking up with us this valentine's day february 14th,
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we can see through the fog -- if we can see through the fog, i know steve is over there somewhere. >> well, the fog is pretty thick. i know for some of you the commute will be difficult and it is only going to get worse, once it burns off though, it will be sunny and warmer. here is sal. the fog is spreading in many areas and it is patchy and that means it will be absolutesly clear and you can see the san mateo is foggy but you may be driving over to a foggy peninsular, let's go back to the desk. right now at treasure island crews are working to get the power back on to residents who lost power a few hours ago.
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>> reporter: it is still dark here in treasure island and we drove over from the island and that's the island as we go up the hill and that area is not affected but when you come down and look at the street lights here, you can tell immediately where the affected area is because everything goes dark and as we pan to the arena, it is stuff to see because everything over here remains dark. it started at 2:30 and we know it has affected the entire island and they are hoping to have it back on at 5:00 a.m. and for now the power remains out and we will let you know when it comes back on. there are residents that way and again we will let you know
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when things change. developing news from the east bay. they are investigating a deadly shooting at a san leandro elementary school. joining us now with disturbing information on that gunfire, here is more. >> reporter: he was shot and killed over a $2 dice game. we are here at the elementary school where you can see he had the entire area blocked off and you can see he is collecting evidence. we saw them on a field and we are told the shooting happened very close by. techs had the area and the gunfire erupted abou 5:00 a.m. and they were playing dice for money when somebody shot him
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several times. several people were running from the scene and as far as we know they did not locate any suspects. we spoke to his childhood friends and they are devastated. >> they shot him in the back with no defense and on this block, we are friends, pretty much so, i am surprised something like this could even hand. >> friends say foster graduated from san lorenzo with more and in 100 tackles as a football player. his brother played football for cal and he was well on his way since he had good grades. foster has been in touch with the family and they say his 14- year-old brother is taking the news especially bad because foster used to train him and coach him in football.
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tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> folks in santa clara counties are searching for a man and woman accused of trying to lure an 11-year-old boy into a car. it happened right in the front of his home. he was take out the trash the by got scared. he was described as latino and the woman is also described as latino in her 20s with long dark hair and dark clothing. the car was a tan compact car similar to a mini cooper. s.w.a.t. teams tossed tear gas into the cabin but they insist they did not try to intentionally burn
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it down. mcman says all evidence points toes accused killer and meanwhile the mayor's office will determine if anybody should share that $1 million reward. they do not believe it should be paid out since he was neither captured nor convicted. he broke into their condo, tied them up and stole their car and they thought they were going to die. >> he had us lay on the bed and he bound us with plastic ties and he pulled the hands tight so we couldn't move and my circulation stopped immediately. >> he was trying to clear his name and once he left karen reynolds was able to call police while she was all tied
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up. >> funeral arrangements are being made for christopher dorner. he leaves behind a wife, a seven-year-old daughter and newborn son. he was so excited about his baby he posted something months earlier. he will respond today to president barack obama's very emotional appeal for congress to vote on gun safety legislation. >> they deserve a vote. former congresswoman gabrielle giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown connecticut deserve a vote. >> coming up, what the nra is saying about the president's appeal made during his state of the union address. this morning it looks like texas governor rick perry is heading home from his tour empty handed. he spend the last few days trying to get companies to move
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to text at. he was featured saying texas is more business friendly. he didn't give any proof that he convinced any of them to move to texas. >> 5:07 is the time let's check back in with sal, power outages on treasure island. let's talk about it and we usually see the east shore this time but we can't see it. we went and switched out a camera to the one we can't see 880 and you can see the truck there kind of in the middle bottom of your screen and they are picking up the fog, thick fog at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see it is blocking parts of the east shore freeway. so give yourself a little extra time. if you don't want to drive in the fog, we checked in with
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bart and that's clear. it looks good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. we have a blanket of fog up above and once we can burn this fog off it will be clear and but for about two or three hours it will be tough, dry pattern although next week, no doubt about it, maybe some rain next week and we can sure use it. we can't get rid of the fog completely. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. if you are in that fog and it is in the 30s, it is definitely cold. high pressure will continue to rotate over us and then weaken over the weekend. areas of fog into tomorrow, it looks like it is going to be
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pretty thick. thick as thieves. no fog at all, it will be a wall of it and it will be mild to warmer today. hazy skies, upper 60s to near 70s to shows away from the coast. petaluma 66, vallejo, crocket, a lot of fog out towards the island and be advised if it pops up again. upper 60s to 68 in pleasanton. town town 68 and san francisco 62. it is cooler on sunday and monday looks like conditional cooling. >> all right, steve. i feel bad for those people stuck on the cruz ship. they have been in miserable conditions for several days and
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carnival cruz lines are trying to make it up to them. good morning westbound 24 traffic is moving along nicely as we head to 17, we will tell you more straight ahead.
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welcome back, we have a new development to our breaking
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news and the power is back on, on treasure island. you can see the lights are back on, the street lights, that is. the out and started -- outage started at 2:30 a.m. and again the power is back on at treasure island. many are stuck at sea, carnal's triumph is due to dock in alabama and right now as we speak, three tugboats are towing it to mobile alabama. it lost power and more and 4,000 passengers are stuck on board and they only have a few toilets that work and very little food. some family members are getting phone calls describing the nightmare on board. >> they see the bottom deck blocked off and it is unimaginable.
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>> we feel helpless and there is nothing we can do. she is out of medication, my stepdad is out of medication, my grandmother is out of medication. >> they have range to bus passengers to hotels and then to fly them home for free. coming up 5:45 we take you live to mobile alabama where families are there to welcome their loved ones back on shore. the confirmation vote for senator chuck hagel is ready and they are trying to limit debate and force a vote and it is fellow republicans who are most opposed to his nomination. also this morning, there will be a nomination for secretary of state hillary rodham clinton and leon panetta is having his last day in service. hillary rodham clinton traveled
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more than 1 million miles and visited more than 412 countries. they will fire back on president barack obama's state of union address. as kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom, the nra is really against the president's proposal, kyla? >> reporter: the nra does not want ban on high capacity assault weapons and they say president barack obama is trying to play on people's emotions. they will directly respond and in the wake of the newtown connecticut shooting they are calling for increased security nationwide not a ban on specific magazines. congressional sides are willing to take a vote on the proposal but this does not mean they will stop fighting. >> the president is trying to
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use emotions on things that have not been freshly debated. >> reporter: they will take a closer look when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:16. police in palo alto are worried about students taking weapons to school. two students have been arrested for bringing weapons to school in the last week. one student was arrested after trying to use a stungun after an off campus marijuana deal. officials say they found a homemade cork gun in his backpack. police are investigating if a robbery at agrees are you store is connected to the shooting of a uc santa cruz student. the two men were wearing ban danes and they robbed a food store. they stole some cash and kicked a womb in the face. the person who shot the student also covered his face with abandon, he robbed the student
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and shot her in the head monday night, however the person shot is expected to make a full recovery. >> sal is back, it is a tricky commute because you can't see a whole lot. >> steve and i, -- steve and i once again we are the fog brothers telling you about the fog, it is patchy fog here and patchy means there are only patches of fog and it is not widespread and we will let steve expands on that. things could change. things tends to change as we get closer to sunrise and we will keep an eye on that. south bay traffic is looking pretty good and we are off to a good start in the santa clara valley, let's go to steve. >> my fog brother, you are
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correct. there is a lot of low fog and clouds, who came up with that, was that joe johnson's special. very nice. i see you got your feet off the desk there, look at this, high pressure will really kick in now at the same time it puts its foot right on that fog. it will burn off seen and it will be -- off sooner and it will be thick in spots, so watch out coast bay and about 9:00 most of it should start to go. i don't think it will change much. more moisture in the air but after that up and over. that is a big demolish of high pressure and we'll see. today after the fog, sunny and warmer and some of that fog is really thick. clear lake, napa, 67, sonoma 68 as well.
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68 walnut creek danville pleasanton, martinez 65 and alameda 65 degrees. gilroy and milpitas, 68 degrees, 60s on the coast mid- to-upper 60s and menlo park 67. warmer even on friday, and we'll see a cooler pattern into early next week. near all the european markets are ready after the german and french markets. they are closed with gains and hong kong was was the big winner, after the lunar new year. japan finishing up on stronger earnings reports and we have an improved economic outlook. it looks the way we will go, all the futures indicate a lower opening for the s&p 500 and we will keep an eye on
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cisco, they announced second quarter earnings and they topped wall streets expectations. they rose in revenue 5% and the ceo warned that southern europe continues to be difficult. they are seen as an overall problem because of its global scale. folks are about to sign up for a newspaper in sacramento, but there is information on how they ended up on a chat line. he and his grandmother turned into an internet sensation, stay tuned. we will explain. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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give them something that's good for them, that also puts smiles on their faces. 'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. . welcome back, 5:23 is the time and investigators now believe rags soaked with wood stain caused this structure to catch fire. on the heels of the gulf of mexico spill disaster, and a judge is deciding whether to approve the agreement, the owner of the drilling rig. they will plead guilty to
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misdemeanor and pay for its role in the 2010 oil spill. they have agreed to pay $22 billion in civil penalties. those wanting to sign up for a news subscription have a big surprise. they intended to call the sacramento bee but they ended up calling into an "x" rated chat line. there was a typo in the phone number and that one number that was off made a big difference. >> it made me angry. >> explain why. >> i have a teenage son. >> how many times did you call it? >> i had to call it probably about five times. >> well the sacramento bee is blaming human error and by the way, they have destroyed the
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remaining incorrect mailers. she needs surgery and the singer said she needs surgery for a tear in her hip and she has been in pain for some time. fans who had tickets for the 21 remaining days on the tour will get a refund and lady gah-gah will be performing next month. here is the latest dance craze. that is video of 22-year-old hank and his two grandmothers doing the harlem shake. the dance craze is catching on with the rest of the country, 12,000 harlem shake videos have been posted on you tube this month alone. >> i am glad the grandmothers sat down for that part. >> did the grandmothers know
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this? >> i don't know that they knew they were on you tube. santa clara northbound getting to highway 17, it is a nice looking drive, patchy fog and i have been all over that since 4:30 this morning, 880 traffic is moving well, not too foggy on the sunole grade. here is steve. if you are stuck in that fog, this is more of a -- well the coast will burn off but warmest temperatures will be inland unless you are down towards santa cruz, but watch out for that fog, pam. an olympic bombshell, the star athlete on charges of murdering his girlfriend. live in san jose where a high school football player was killed, we will tell you what those who knew him are saying
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this morning. and we will tell you how bay area businesses are bracing for a rush of valentine's day shoppers.
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. welcome back, it is thursday february 14th, i am dave clark. >> and good morning, i am pam cook. steve is here with the weather
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and you definitely hit patches of fog. >> yes, for some it could be really tough and that fog is getting thicker and by 7:00 and 8:00 it will be warmer and sunnier, let's go back to the coast. you can see here at the toll plaza, steve and i will be all over this, this morning because it could affect your driving and the power out in treasure island which was out for more than three hours overnight has finally come back on. you should not have any problem with power or lights or that type of thing. patchy fog means it's not everywhere and it is not in san jose. let's go back to the desk. we are starting with developing news and investigators say a dice game led to a deadly shooting. it happened last night on the campus of hillside elementary
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school and marcellous street. deputies searched the area for several hours and had the help of a chp helicopter but there was no sign of any suspects. tara moriarty has been on this and she has new information about this young victim. tara will have more on this coming up at 6:00. a san jose teenager stabbed outside of his high school may have been trying to break away from a gang, here is more on what we are finding out about a young father. >>reporter: friends and classmates say he is anthony santa cruz and you can see there is a make-shift memorial where people left candles and they say he was a junior here. police say he was stabbed down the street off of east julian and north 21st street and this morning they are looking for
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those responsible. last night the football players gathered to honor the teammate's memory. his coach tells us he was 16 or 17 years old and had a teenage son. they had a report of a boy stabbed and found him lying on the ground an was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators think there is a possibility the stabbing was perhaps gang related anthony's coach said he was trying to change his life. >> regardless of whether he was in gang life or whatever the case was, the truth was anthony was a human being, he was a father, a teammate and he was a son, so, all of that, the other part really doesn't matter. >> reporter: grieve stricken family members arrived
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yesterday and one man claimed to be his older brother broke through the crime tape screaming. at this point nobody is in custody and this is the 5th homicide in san jose. back out here live we can swing by the alcohol scene where he was stabbed. we did see some friends and they were too upset to speak on camera and told us to leave. we put in a call to police and we are hoping to get an update from them. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. olympic star oscar has been charged with murder. we saw them taking the 26-year- old runner to jail. he hid his faces a he passed through. he is the double am pee tee --
5:36 am
amputee runner. south africa police received a call saying there was a shooting at his home and when they arrived they say he shot her mistaking her for an intruder. >> it is an incident of assault. >> police say there has been previous domestic violence calls from the home. stay with us for this developing story this morning. pope benedict xvi hit his head during a trip to mexico last month however they are denying it has anything to do with his resignation. on tuesday the pope disclosed he had a pace maker and that the batteries were recently
5:37 am
replaced. president barack obama will be rallying support in georgia for the ideas he june veiled -- unveiled in his state of the union address and he talked about creating new jobs. he will making preschool available in programs like head start. now after he goes back to the white house today, president barack obama will take part in a fire side hide out with google plus and people all over the country can do the same thing after last year. fire side is a take off on what franklin did on his chats and this is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. our time. they plan to have drones flying over the county.
5:38 am
sheriff gregory wants to use the drones for things like bomb threats, hostage standoffs and search and rescue operations but critics are already fighting this citing privacy concerns. there are four battery swapping stations which are now in limbo. the silicone valley start up re given a federal grant to start the electric taxi network and now they are scaling down focusing on israel and denmark. they are trying to determine if the idea was feasible and apparently it was not. we will talk about a fair hike idea which could raise as much as $7 million in the next few years. if it is approved fares will go
5:39 am
up 5% next year and new increases will take place straight through 220. bart says they need more money to fail long-term budget cap and the bart board will vote on that idea at a later meeting. right now it is 5:37 we want to go back over to sal to check in on oakland. dave, pam, northbound 880 is clear as you drive to high street and there is no residual traffic and it looks clear in oakland and fog is just up ahead at the toll plaza and as you can see from the picture, there is a little bit of dense fog and also on the bridge so just be careful as you drive across. freeways look good as you pick up some roadwork which is not
5:40 am
causing delay. once it burns off, sunny and warmer for most, coastal fog and a little him the of an on shore breeze, it is just a big old high pressure squashing that fog and inland temperatures will not take too long. we will have that fog to deal with and it will continue to thicken up over the next couple of hours. a mountain of high pressure, we will get back to colder weather and maybe next weekend, but today, thick fog and sunshine, it will be warmer for most and san francisco is only 58 and there is too much fog. 30s and 40s on the temperatures, overnight lows seems to be coming up. it will peek out on friday.
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areas of fog and temperatures have been inching up and things will level off and next week i am just saying it looks much, much colder. inland areas are colder, sonoma, brentwood antioch, santa cruz, even redwood city, san mateo 65 but a little cooler upper 60s on the coast. warmer inland temperatures on friday, and saturday mostly sunny and it does look cooler next week. just in case you woke up and didn't know, it is valentine's day and sweethearts are expected to spend more. in fact we are told we will spend an average of $131 on cards and a special dinner. but she says, people are actually expanding their definition of valentine's day, and they will spend more on
5:42 am
their friends and their parents and even their kids. some of the people we spoke to say valentine's day is for lovers. >> we will go by the golden gate bridge and generally speaking men spent twice as much on valentine's day as women do. it is a -- spends twice as much on valentine's day as women do. an elementary school is half a mile from the san pablo blast site. all of those people are stuck on that cruz ship. we will have more on that stay tuned. and it is looking good as you drive across the valley, we
5:43 am
will have more on the bay area weather and your commute. stay tuned.
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. well, there is a lot of fog around and it will be upper 50s and 60s by the coast but upper 60s and 70s inland. here is a look, good news about 30 minutes ago the power went on, at treasure island and it did not affect other areas near there. a dice came led to a deadly shooting on the campus of an elementary school.
5:46 am
a child was killed during a low steaks dice game. we are learning more that the victim was a local football star as well. the san bernardino county sheriff is responding to criticism that police burned down the cabin christopher dorner was hiding. sheriff mcman said his deputies did not intentionally set fire to the cabin. forensics are trying to identify the remains and signs point to it being christopher dorner. tugboats are bringing in the ship to port. reporting live in mobile alabama where friends and family are there to welcome loved ones. >> reporter: we can tell you a cruz ship is under 60 miles away in mobile alabama and we
5:47 am
are learning new information, it turns out the weather was pretty rough and one official is saying that the boat was swaying back and forth in the waves and that means another night of horror for those passengers. a fire broke out sunday in the engine room that caused the system to go out, that meant no engine power and no air conditioning. aboard the ship more than 3,000 passengers, 1,000 crew members and a handful of working restrooms. kim day daughter and ex-husband are on board. >> he told me they had just eaten onion sandwiches and they were asking to use the red plastic bags to use the restroom and they did have some fruit, they had some water but it was warm bottled water. >> some passengers reported raw
5:48 am
sewerage and foul smells and long lines for bathrooms and they did offer an apology. >> we try to give a good experience but it is obvious in this particular case we did not deliver in that case. >> they are offering a full refund but some say it is not good enough. >> i promise none of my family members on there will never ever take another cruz. >> reporter: the cruz ship is expected to dock in mobile alabama, because of the bad weather, there is a delay in arrival time. it will now be three hours later than expected and we are expecting it to show up 8:00 eastern time this evening. pam, back to you. >> thank you renee marsh in mobile alabama. new developments on the
5:49 am
fate of an elementary school in san bruno and they are voting to shut it down this fall. many pleaded to reconsider its options. the campus is a half mile away from the pipeline explosion and some say disrupting a community which is still trying to rebuild is a mistake. >> the school board needs to make the easiest transition for children as there are already traumatized victims from 2010. >> they need to close because of inned a wait enrollment. -- inadequate enrollment. they are agreeing on a compromise on where to send their kids next fall. teens killed in a freeway crash in southern california will be brought home today by
5:50 am
their families. at this gathering last night music was played as attribute to the victims. mall leah, her older brother david and a half sister rachel were killed in the mountains. they suspect the driver may have fallen asleep. the 5th passenger is the only survivor. they are still searching the santa clara home with having explosives and threatening a state official. they blew up a mysterious substance and they say the house is filled with unknown chemicals and destructive devices. they made the discovery after the arrest of somebody, and they say it was -- say the
5:51 am
threats were over gun control policies. what is going on, sal? thick fog will be a reoccurring theme and on the east shore we can only see a little bit because the fog is dense here. also some foggy conditions at the bay bridge toll plaza and i am just looking here at the twitter feed, this is just one of the guys, brendan surely are asking me -- brendan hughly will give us more information. northbound construction is there and it is not causing a big traffic jam and the fog is not really thick in san jose. >> brandon writes me all the
5:52 am
time. it is not foggy for everybody, there is just patches around here. where are we, help me out. nothing like live television. somebody should be buying these right there. as i said, if you really want to make your wife happy, buy her a tank a gas. i heard a guy say that on the radio this morning. we have a lot of fog and some areas are clear and there is a quarter mile of visibility or less. san francisco is tougher by the coast and we don't have that offshore breeze but now it's more westerly. 60, only two degrees warmer than yesterday but it will be warmer towards gilroy. there is warm air aloft and 30s
5:53 am
and 40s on the temperatures, there is some thick fog on highway 92 from half-moon bay, there is nothing even close to us. next week, there is signs we will get some cold air in here and even some rain. after the fog burns off, it is filed warm and in fact tomorrow we are on the high side for temperatures. on the coast mainly 60s and pleasanton 65, oakland 63 alameda, santa cruz is one of the latest heating up to 68. not much change on friday, sunday looks cooler than early next week. u.s. airways is merging and the board has approved the deal
5:54 am
but they still need federal regulators' approval. >> unions are already backing the merger and the american airlines will keep their name. two earlier tests did not reveal the battery problems that grounded all 50 of the dream liners 787s around the world and they are focusing on low tech solutions and that includes putting the batteries in sturdier containers. a possible link with cancer and san francisco firefighters, it may help solve the mystery of why firefighters are getting sick. plus, it is big and will come close to earth tomorrow, but will you be able to see it?
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. there is some really thick fog, warmer weather near the coast. there is a first of its kind blood analysis where they are testing firefighters for
5:58 am
cancer and they found chemicals that resulted in burning plastics. females firefighters are more likely to get cancer than other women and they are at a higher risk for other cancers including kidney mouth and nose cancer. in santa clara they will start spraying for mosquitos. it happened near a wildlife area which starts this morning and lasts about four hours. it typically reduces the population of mosquito to about 50%. they say they are not transmitting the west nile virus. nasa will stream the astroid's approach starting
5:59 am
9:00 pacific time. it is the closest to ever get to earth and they say it is the size of the white house. >> that is pretty good moving passed us. >> sal, is traffic moving fast out there? >> it is in many areas, dave and pam, we are looking at 280 north and south and you can go as fast as you legally can, no major problems on the sunole grade and i am not showing you the dense fog, at 5:57, let's go pack to the desk. a deadly shooting on an elementary school campus, what we are learning about the young victim and how he was well- known in the area. luring businesses away? we will tell you more about


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